We, members of the European party LOVE, conscious of our responsibility before God and people, inspired by the desire to serve people, to honor the memory of our ancestors, who passed us LOVE, FAITH IN GOODNESS AND JUSTICE, and based on responsibility for the European Union and the World Community, adopted the present Program of the European Party LOVE on October 3, 2017 in Paris, France.



WE LOVE United Europe, that represents an integral part, a firm foundation, the driving force and Hope of the entire World Community.

We will protect the Unity of the European Union, the dignity of all the European citizens and of the entire world community, protect, develop and strengthen the principals and values that are the basis of the European Union, rights and freedoms, security, interests, hopes and future of every person.

We will uphold, consolidate and develop the values of the European Union and all EU Member States.

Recognizing the all-conquering Power of Love, We with all determination:

⁃protect the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of individuals, charitable minorities, pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and gender equality in the European Union;

⁃promoting peace and prosperity of all the people;

⁃promote fair competition, progressive and sustainable development, balanced economic expansion, development of market and social-oriented economy, ensuring general employment, social, scientific and technological progress, protection and improvement of the quality of the environment;

⁃fight with all kinds of social exclusion, discrimination, loneliness;

– promote social protection, justice, the solidarity of generations and protection of children’s rights



Every person makes important decisions based on his life experience and knowledge, passing them through the prism of his values – through his heart. Politicians and Rulers are no exception to this rule.

We should not expect from people who do not have a heart and have no Kindness and Love in their hearts, to make decisions that are necessary for all of us. Decisions that will make our life and our future fairer, happier and more joyful. Such expectations on our part are wrong.

Only we ourselves – the people, can and must appoint in politics, management of our society and our lives people who have a heart, a heart full of Kindness and Love.

In this case, we can fairly expect from such politicians and Rulers the decisions that are necessary for all of us. Such decisions that will make our life and our future Wonderful, Happy and full of Joy, Admiration and Love.



We aim to get the majority of votes in all government bodies and people’s representation in the European Union, in all EU Member States, for people who have a heart, and who have Love in their hearts.

We will constantly and freely participate in the political will of the people.

We will support all candidates for government and people’s representations who share our aspirations and values. We will promote their election in every EU Member State, every Land and every commune, so that in Governments there are people who have Love in their hearts for all of us.

We will influence the formation of the political will of the people in all areas of public life, including the following specific ways:

  • influence the formation of public opinion;
  • stimulate and deepen of political education;
  • support citizens’ active participation in political life;
  • educate the citizens, who are able to take responsibility for the affairs of the society;
  • nominate candidates for elections to the bodies of people’s


  • the authorities of the European Union, the EU Member States, the Lands, and communes (communities);
  • influence the political activities of Parliaments and Governments;
  • introduce the political guidelines developed by the Party into the
  • process of forming the will of the European Union, EU Member States and take care of constant live connection between the people and the authorities.



We consider the construction of a stable democratic foundation of United Europe on the basis of the values, achievements and experience developed by our previous generations and our contemporaries to be the most important task.

We consider it our duty to unite all people who have a heart for the development and strengthening of a single European space in all fields of culture, politics and society for the development and protection of the rich diversity of our European culture, our values and our way of life, protecting the freedoms and interests of every citizen and member of society, his hopes and his future.

All people have equal rights to Justice, Equality, Human Dignity, the rights to Love and to be Beloved. Everyone has the right to own a house, grow roses at the entrance to their home and to be proud of the achievements and happiness of their children.

We oppose all forms of discrimination and are against the carriers of all fascist and dictatorial ideas.

We will oppose all groups and members of these groups that violate human rights, who, by their goals and actions, determine the destruction of the unity of Europe. We will create all possible obstacles and demand persistence of punishments for such groups and persons within the law.

People should participate more in the governance of the state and society. In order to do so, in all bodies of people’s representation and power, there must be more elects who have a heart and who have Love in their heart.



We consider all of us, Europeans, to be members of a single Loving Family.

And therefore, We will protect the rights, freedoms, interests and hopes of each member of our Loving family with complete determination and self- sacrifice.

We believe that the expansion, strengthening and development of the rights of every person is good for Europe, we also believe that the protection and personal security of every person is the most important task of the Government of the European Union and each of the Governments of the EU Member States.

We consider the developed attitude in the field of protection of the rights of refugees as important merit of previous generations and our contemporaries in the European Union and in the World Community. At the same time, We demand that the external borders of the European Union be strengthened from the penetration of criminals and enemies of our values and our way of life.

Criminals who use our tolerance, our Love and the achievements of our democracy against our family, our Europe, must be fought back.

We will repulse their criminal actions and their criminal plans.

We will protect our Loving Family, Europe, and its every member.



We strongly oppose all forms of domestic violence, violence at work and in all areas of our lives.

All those who use the right of the strongest in their family, at work and in other ways for intimidation, sexual harassment and manipulation, are the enemies of each of us, the enemies of our way of life and our values. We support everyone who condemns such behavior with us.

We must and we will protect better each of our friends and colleagues, our sisters and daughters, each person from such actions on the part of the stronger men.



We will ensure that more women have power in the family, politics, at work and in all spheres of our lives.

We stand for genuine equality of women and men in all government bodies, people’s representations. We advocate that an equal number of women and men be represented in government bodies, people’s representatives, economics, in all spheres of governance and public life and this should be supported by the relevant laws.



We stand for the greater development of the freedom of culture, free

knowledge and free education. The diversity of Europe’s native languages and traditions is our priceless heritage and legacy. Priceless legacy and the heritage of the entire humanity.

The right to speak in one’s native language, to use native traditions is the most important value for every person. Therefore, we will protect these rights for every resident, every member of our Loving Family – United Europe.



We are in favor of expanding access to medical services, increasing free medical services and protecting the health of everyone, regardless of their wealth and resources.

The achievements of modern medicine are public property, and not a privilege only for the rich people.



The achievements and the leading position of the European economy in the world are the results of the work and efforts of the entire people of a multinational Europe, and not only the merit of talented managers and financiers. It is the people who, through their work, their responsible attitude to the interests of the society, built the modern European economy, the achievements and the success of which are admired by the entire World Community.

We consider it necessary to entrust the Government with the duty to preserve available jobs and create new highly qualified jobs at the expense of public funds and resources in the public, private, family and individual sectors

of the economy; promote professional development of all people for the further growth of our economy and the growth of the well-being of every citizen of the European Union.

We stand for the expansion of workers’ rights, extending their guarantees; their right to work and the right to have a decent wage.

We are in favor of the regulation of the financial sector, increase of the guarantees and safety of the citizens’ savings and funds, reduction of the economic imbalances and financial inequalities. Greater transparency and greater control by the people in the use of public finances and resources.



We protect our climate, our environment, the rights of consumers, the health of our people.

We consider the right to a safe environment, climate, clean air, water, food, to be the most important right of all Europeans. Therefore, we are in favor of raising the standards of ecology, climate and environment in Europe.

We consider it necessary to oblige the Government of the European Union, the Governments of all EU Member States to conduct a more effective international policy to establish such higher standards throughout the world community in order to preserve the purity of our Planet Earth.

We oppose the increase in prices for utilities. All members of our Common European family have the right to receive clean air, water, energy, transport, food products without poisons and harmful substances, health and education at higher standards and without price increases.

We Love our home – Europe. And We want to live in our clean, environmentally friendly common home. We will cultivate Love of the clean

home – United Europe, in all the people.

In order to do so we must develop renewable energy sources, reduce emissions to the atmosphere, reduce the need for traditional energy sources.

We all have the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, consume clean food, without harmful substances and poisons, preserve the climate, preserve and protect our health.

We maintain our natural resources. Our focus is to help and encourage the development of agriculture that protects environment and creates environmentally friendly products.

We protect the richness and diversity of our nature, we consider it necessary to allocate more public, private funds and resources for the conservation and restoration of populations of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. We support all private initiatives in this area of our life.

We protect our farmers and ecological farming, which represents an important foundation of our economy, culture, environmental safety and production, the progress, traditions and heritage of the peoples of the European Union.

We seek to reduce pollutant emissions, industrial noise and other negative factors in the environment.



We protect the rights of children. We believe that everyone should love children as their own and treat them as a future achievement and Hope of Europe and the entire World Community.

We must create all conditions for the health, education, development and education of our children in an atmosphere of Love and mutual respect.

The government at the expense of public funds and resources should create friendly conditions for working parents, create better conditions for living and caring for the child, apply friendly tax policies to families, encourage parental leaves.

A strong family is the foundation and strength of our society. The creation of each new family is a Blessing for the entire Europe and for each of us.

We welcome and will encourage the creation of new families. Every woman and every man has the right to be the happiest and most beautiful on the day of the wedding. Therefore, the Government at the expense of public funds must pay the cost of a beautiful wedding dress for the bride, the cost of a noble wedding suit for the groom and the cost of wedding rings in the amount of up to 3000 euros for each new family.



There should not be loneliness in our Loving Family, especially the loneliness of the people of the older generation.

We strive to ensure that every member of our all-European Loving Family is not alone and does not feel lonely.

Loneliness and uselessness poison our hearts, destroy our values, eclipse the light and brightness of our world.

Loneliness should not be in our common home – Europe.

Every person should see in every older person their Loving and Beloved father or mother, share joys and sorrows with them, ask their wise advice and give them all the necessary support and participation.



There is a misconception that several prominent politicians, or several outstanding scientists, possess some knowledge greater than one of the entire people of United Europe. This is not true. This is an erroneous dangerous delusion. The totality of the knowledge, life experience and wisdom of the people are inexhaustible and immense.


We consider it necessary to develop the people’s democracy in every possible way, to expand the rights and opportunities of all people in the field of governance of the state and society.

We attach special importance to the experience, knowledge and wisdom of older generations. We must remember that each of them, regardless of whether he has a high scientific degree, experience in politics or government, regardless of his wealth, lived a great life. Life full of joys and sorrows, life full of successes and achievements and sometimes life full of losses and defeats. A life in which there was experience of losses and tragedies. Life full of Happiness, Harmony and Love.

Only people of the older generation can share this knowledge and experience with us. Only they, and no one else, can help us avoid mistakes and give us their experience of correcting such mistakes, help is hind a more correct and direct way for building our Happy Future.

Unfortunately, with the passing of the older generation, their knowledge and experience are not always fully transferred to us – their heirs. Often, their vast knowledge and experience are forever lost to our people, Europe and all humanity.


We must ask all people of the retirement age to share their knowledge and experience with us. Keep descriptions of their lives, their achievements, their experience of rebirth after failures and tragedies, the experience of their success, the experience of building Loving families and communities.

The experience of preserving Health, Happiness and Love. This experience is of a great Value for our people, for the entire Europe and all Mankind. After all, everything beautiful that we see around us, that we use and that we rejoice, is created by these people, created and given to us for our Comfortable, Joyful and Happy life.

We must ask the people of the older generation, all Europeans, to take more active part in the management of our state and society, to create public committees for the development of policies and plans for our social development in all areas of our life at all levels of state and public administration.

First of all, with representatives of the older generation and with the participation of each person, we must develop plans for the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years. Plans for the development of each quarter, each commune, each district, each land, each Member State and Europe as a whole.



We must understand that not a single most prominent group of politicians, financiers or scientists can make such plans instead of us. Only people living in their country, in their particular land, in their district and in their commune know better and can make such a plan for our Successful and Happy Future.

We call upon all and every European citizen to prepare their personal proposals in all spheres of public life, economics and administration. Send them to us for generalization.

Modern technologies will allow us to take the opinions and suggestions of each person into account.

We will prepare the General Plan for the Future of Europe and publish it for nation-wide discussion. We will send our General Plan to the Government and the society for execution.

Only this way, all together, We will build our Life and Our future as beautiful as we want it to be.

That is how All of Us Together Will Create a Healthy, Joyful and Happy Future of Our Loving Family – Our United Europe.



of the European Party of LOVE

HDR, Dmitry Kuzmin

03 october 2017, Paris, FRANCE